Refund & Cancellation Policy

Last updated: 12 DECEMBER 2020

1. Changes to or Cancellation of Orders

1.1 Any changes made by the Client to an order for a product or consulting service / workshops / webinars / indoor training programme / outdoor training programme / Industrial Visits / package tours after the contract or statement of work for a client who engages with  JUBATUS® on continuous basis to receive  services; has been concluded shall entitle JUBATUS® to either modify the quoted price and/or terms of delivery or refuse to execute the order. In the latter case, the Client must pay for the work already performed, and consulting services already rendered based on the accepted amount. No refund will be provided in this case, if the client has paid only less than or equal to 20 % of the contract value as initiation amount (advance amount). If the client has paid more than 20% at the contract commencement stage and within 5 Calendar days, the client communicates cancellation decision and asks for refund; the balance amount after reducing for the already completed parts of the service will be refunded to the same bank account of the client from which JUBATUS® received the payment,   using digital transaction only. In case of any product refund or cancellation request, if such request is received before the product is shipped to the client’s address, usually within 24 hours after placing the order for the product with clear information, after deducting 20% processing charges, the balance amount will be refunded to the client. But if the refund request or cancellation decision  is emailed after the product has been shipped to the client’s address, no refund will be given, and JUBATUS® will not take back such products under any circumstances. Thus, in order to serve the clients better, any products that JUBATUS® sells using its website will be shipped only after around 36 hours of the full payment receipt. This paves the way for the clients to reconsider their purchase decision, and email JUBATUS® with the refund request and order cancellation information.

1.2 Cancellation of an order / contract for any consulting service / workshops / webinars / indoor training programme / outdoor training programme / Industrial Visits / package tours by the Client shall entitle JUBATUS®to claim payment for any work already performed towards fulfilling that order / contract as well as compensation for hours spent on research / preparation for the remainder of the order / contract. JUBATUS® shall make the work performed, and research / preparation work done available to the Client at the latter’s request, but shall accept no responsibility for its quality, and needs to be paid for such work / research / preparation done.

1.3 If JUBATUS® has reserved time, and allocated resources both in-house and of the experts / associates / trade partners from the Industry for the execution of the order / contract, it may charge the Client 50% of the fee for the non-executed part of the work. Refund of any initiation amount (advance) when the client has paid more than 20% of the contract value, will be accordingly adjusted even if the client cancels the consulting service / workshops / webinars / indoor training programme / outdoor training programme / Industrial Visits / package tours order / contract within the permitted 5 Calendar days’ time limit. If expert(s) in JUBATUS® have been booked for a training programme, workshop, seminar, a keynote address, the transportation and accommodation costs will not be returned once being expended towards such purpose, even when the client sends the requests for the cancellation very quickly. However, if the experts / Managing Director and CEO / director(s) / officers at JUBATUS® could not make it to the agreed upon, training programme, workshop, seminar, a keynote address due to factors that are not in JUBATUS®’s control / purview, JUBATUS® has liability only to the extent of repaying the entire amount equal to the total value of the contract as paid by the client or the actual payment paid by the client. JUBATUS®will not be responsible for any other direct and consequential inconveniences, losses and or damages to the client.

1.4 Quoted prices shall apply only to services conforming to agreed specifications  and valid only upto the time-limit mentioned in an exclusive contract details emailed to the client, if any.

1.5 JUBATUS® shall be entitled to increase the agreed price if forced to perform more work or incur more costs than might reasonably have been foreseen on conclusion of the contract as a result of having to work with very difficult or unclear or evolving requirements / constraints /specifications.

1.6 Payment for services delivered under the contract are due prior to commencement of work or, if agreed by JUBATUS®, in staged payments for bulk material (or within any other terms and conditions determined by JUBATUS® through email). Payment shall be net and in full – without any discount, set-off or suspension – in the currency invoiced. If payment is not made by the due date as mentioned in the invoice, the Client shall be in default – immediately and without notice of default being required – as well as due to the statutory interest on the invoice amount from the due date until full settlement.

2. Complaints and Disputes 

2.1 If the Client has any complaints about the service delivered by JUBATUS®, it shall submit such complaints through email as soon as possible, yet never later than 5 calendar days after receiving the said service. Emailing a complaint shall not release the Client from its obligation to pay or to compensate JUBATUS® appropriately for the efforts already spent.

2.2 If no complaints are made within 5 calendar days, the service shall be deemed to have been fully accepted by the client and JUBATUS® shall only act on complaints if it sees fit to do so. JUBATUS® changing any part of the consulting service, training module /  workshop or seminar topic at the Client’s request shall in no way constitute an acknowledgement on the part of JUBATUS® of having delivered an inferior service.

2.3 In the case of a valid complaint, JUBATUS® shall be granted a reasonable period of time to improve or substitute the service. If JUBATUS® cannot reasonably be expected to perform the required improvements or substitution, it may grant the Client a discount.

2.4 The Client’s right to complain shall lapse if the Client has itself (himself / herself) did anything concerning the agreed upon work / contract, either using own employees or by using outside resources, JUBATUS®’s responsibility to refund, in this case is categorically  ruled out, and such refund and or  cancellation requests may take up to 30 Business Days for JUBATUS® to process and refund of only those part(s) of the consulting service contract which was intervened in the fashion described above, by resources outside JUBATUS® talent pool.

  1. Website / Domain related services (additional conditions will be emailed to the client during the initial meetings. Domain Name will be purchase only after client’s approval email)

  • All payment received for Domain Name Registration / Domain Transfer or other domain related services is NOT refundable. Once a client approves JUBATUS® to purchase the domain name by clearly mentioning it in the approval email, and JUBATUS® completes the purchase with the fund being transferred by the client, that Domain Name is owned by the client and it cannot be “returned” until the duration of the domain term has expired.
  • Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. For example, if you’ve had an account with us before, cancelled and signed up again, you will not be eligible for a refund or if you have opened a second account with us.
  • There are no refunds on web hosting charges, charges for dedicated servers, administrative fees, installation fees for custom software, or domain name purchases. However, if the client emails Refund requests within 5 calendar days (including any local / national holidays), the web hosting charges received from the clients, will be refunded after reducing Rs.500 (Five Hundred) for processing charges. Beyond the limit of 5 Calendar days, refund of charges received exclusively for annual web hosting charges cannot be allowed.
  • GST taxes once paid by the client cannot be refunded. However, it might be possible to reclaim those directly from the government by the clients themselves, if it is possible.
  • All refund and cancellation requests must be emailed to with clear information within 5 calendar days (including any local / national holidays) from the date of purchase of products / services delivery. Based on this information, client’s refund / cancellation request will be decided upon by JUBATUS®. After receiving such refund and cancellation requests, JUBATUS® will assess the status of the engagement and reply within 15 Business Days.


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