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Online Internship Opportunities with JUBATUS® for best Career Opportunities

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”                       – Whitney M. Young, Jr. American Civil Rights Leader

JUBATUS® provides the following Online Internship opportunities for Final Year Students, enabling them to be ready for  exciting  Career Opportunities, after finishing their respective courses.

BCom / BBA / BA (Eng Lit.) Final Year Students:                                                                                                                                        Functional Areas: Social Media Marketing, Inside Sales, CRM, and Sales Management.

BSc (Vis.Com) Final Year Students:                                                                                                                                                               Live Projects in: UI / UX, Çreatives for Social Media Campaign, and Video Post Production.

MSc (IT), MSc(Compute Science), and MCA  Final Year Students:                                                                                                           Live Projects in:  UI / UX, WordPress, Android, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, and PHP

PGDBM, and MBA Final Year Students:                                                                                                                                                         Live Projects in:  Entrepreneurial Venture, Fund Raising, Incorporation and Compliance, Intellectual Property                   Management, Product / Service Innovation through Design Thinking,  Impact of Social Capital Development,                   Value-stream Mapping, TQM, Poke-Yoke and Six Sigma Championing for Business Operations, and Data Science         Applications in Sales Analytics, CRM Analytics, and Product Life-Cycle Management. 

M.Sc (Data Science) Final Year Students:                                                                                                                                                     Live Projects in:  C#, Python, Chatbots, Cognitive Computing, AI and ML.                                                                         

Online Internship Student Engagement Options:

Option 1:  Domain Knowledge Transfer and Technology Facilitation Fee Rs.1000/-  plus Project Management  and Mentoring Fee Rs.1000/- Totally Fee for Option 1 Rs.2000/- (Rs.360 towards 18% GST charges should be additionally paid by the candidate) For M.Sc (Data Science), PGDM, and MBA students alone, the total fee in this option will be Rs. 10000/- (Rs.1800 towards 18% GST charges should be additionally paid by the  candidate) (Rs.5000 for Domain Knowledge Transfer and Technology Facilitation Fee + Rs. 5000 Project Management and Mentoring Fee)  

In this option students will be provided intensive domain specific knowledge transfer along with technology facilitation, by being guided on the technology-suite to be used for the project development / deployment. Once, a student completes this phase, he / she will be trained on current Industry approaches in project management including (but not limited to) Project Scope Document Preparation, Project Kick-off Meetings, Project Management, Project scheduling, and Issue Tracking. Every student will receive hands on mentoring (not the source code / solution) during the development / deployment phase, to ensure that they complete project entrusted to him / her and earn the Internship Completion Certificate. 

Option 2:  Live Project Mentoring Fee Rs.1000 (Rs.180 towards 18% GST charges should be additionally paid by the candidate) For M.Sc (Data Science), PGDM, and MBA students alone, fee in this option will be Rs. 5000/- (Rs.900 towards 18% GST charges should be additionally paid by the  candidate for Live Project Mentoring Fee) 

In this option, a student will be provided only with the live project synopsis. Student should  acquire the domain specific knowledge and skills around the Technology-suite on his / her own, to complete the project milestones. Upon satisfactory delivery of the project milestones, and eventually completing and delivering the assigned tasks in the live project, the student will be provided with Internship Completion Certificate.  

By applying and engaging in Online Internship with JUBATUS® each student agrees that he / she will keep all privileged information pertaining to our Company’s Internal Operations, and Clients’ Information confidential and that all Intellectual Property rights of whatever tasks he / she undertakes, completes including the derivative work of the original tasks entrusted to him / her, and delivers; will be vested with either the company or with the owner(s) of the company only. No student is authorized to make any publication and or make use of the content / ideas learnt for commercial consulting and or for providing training to others through own Business ventures or in a venture in which the student is  a shareholder / board member / Director or has vested interests. However, every student is encouraged to apply all concepts learnt through the Internship while delivering his / her employment responsibilities. He / She further agrees to submit the project documentation that he himself  or  she herself will be preparing, to the Department staff / HOD, only after getting prior approval from the competent officials of our company, through email. The Online Internship Confirmation Letter, and Completion Certificate will be issued as a Soft-Copy with authorized signature and company seal which the student can take color printout and submit to the Department.
Credentials of  JUBATUS® 
As a Private Limited (OPC) Company, JUBATUS® has the recognition of being registered as an UDYAM Enterprise, MSME, Government of India, and  JUBATUS® has also received the approval of Government of India to be the registered seller / vendor in Government e Market Place (GeM) enabling to provide services to Central Government Organizations / Departments. Furthermore, JUBATUS®  has received the approval of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India  to provide training, webinars, technology evangelization, consultancy, in the domains of management and InformationTechnology and the approval to undertake Research and Development Activities in Artificial Intelligence, NLP,  Data Science, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. 

JUBATUS® values students’ Grit more than the Grades they have. JUBATUS® gets students the will to prepare and the skill to win. Please email your resume along with the proof of  payment as per Option 1 or Option 2, with the subject line, “Online Internship Option 1 or Online Internship Option 2 ” to 

For any additional information WhatsApp queries can be sent to us by using the integrated API for WhatsApp (icon) found in this website. Students / Faculty members can also talk to us,in this regard, after setting up a time through WhatsApp, as well.  

Current Account Details of JUBATUS® and payment details such as through UPI ID and QR Code are found in the following link:

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