JUBATUS® strides for clients’ business success through its phenomenally profit-yielding consulting services propelled using the following three Centers of Excellence

Center for Excellence for NeuroBranding® JUBATUS® is the India’s first company to provide end-to-end NeuroBranding® Solutions.

For more details on NeuroBranding® please visit: https://neurobranding.in

Center for Excellence for Entrepreneurs and Business Executives

  • Image Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Business Executives
  • FutureFocus Consulting for Startups
  • Company Incorporation Consulting
  • TM, Copyright, FSSAI, Designs, and Patent Registration Consulting
  • Branding and Social Media Engagement
  • Product / Service Innovation
  • Lean Practices Implementation
  • Six-Sigma Deployment
  • Company Culture transformation
  • Customer Happiness and Loyalty Enhancement
  • Change-Result Harvesting
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Experiential Education toursX™  Outbound Training for Productivity Boost

Center for Excellence for People Excellence

  • Team Building Workshops
  • Productivity Boosting Coaching
  • Employees Performance Audit
  • Employee Retention
  • Experiential Education for fitting-in
  • Experiential Education toursX™  – Employee Outbound Training,  Team Cohesiveness through Outdoor Activities, Celebrating Employees’ Achievements
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