JUBATUS® provides exceptionally superior services in Education Consulting as it is being founded by Prof. CHRIS M JAYACHANDRAN with totally 22 years of experience in Consulting (including clients from the USA, Mexico, and Europe) Training and Coaching of which 15 years he served a Faculty in Loyola College (Autonomous), Chennai;  and 18 years of Industrial consulting experience with his last Corporate assignment being at Director-level for a Michigan,  US-based Multinational IT company.

JUBATUS® renders the following categories of  Education Consulting Services:

Experiential Education Technology Solutions™

Experiential Education Enablers Model™ for Institutional Leadership Development 

Experiential Education Gurus™ Model for Teachers Capacity Development

Transforming Pupils into PRODIGIES™ Process for Students’ Success

Experiential Education toursX™  ‘Get out to Outgrow’ for staff and students

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